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For AI to Change Commercial Real Estate It Can’t Live in a Black Box

We have all bought into the promise that AI is coming to commercial real estate. Decisions are going to be made with orders of magnitude more sophisticated than they are today. We are going to look back on our valuation processes in a few years like doctors before the discovery of germs, like mathematicians before the discovery of calculus, right? Well, only if we let it.

In order for AI and machine learning technologies to function properly and be the change we all hope to see in our commercial real estate world, they need to be trained with data. Fortunately, data availability is at an all-time high. For AI to be successful across the industry there will need to be a seismic shift away from what the AI is telling you to why it’s telling you. The why is crucial to ensure that the artificial intelligence is fused with human observation and experience. The commercial property industry needs to embrace understandable AI, a technology that is transparent, verifiable and interpretable.


Photo by Hitesh Choudhary on Unsplash

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