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New Yorkers brought NYC back despite hysteria over the Delta variant

If New York City is to be saved from COVID-19, it will be no thanks to the politicians, bureaucrats and big-business leaders who once upon a time we might have turned to for leadership.

Instead, it will be entirely due to Big Apple residents and visitors who are loving the place with their growing presence in astounding numbers.

Weekday subway ridership has rebounded to 2.5 million people daily, not close to the pre-COVID total of over 5 million in 2019, but a lot better than 300,000 in April 2020.

Times Square pedestrian traffic has jumped to more than half of its 355,000 pre-pandemic level. Tourism, which peaked at 70 million in 2019 but dipped to the low 20-millions last year, is on track to hit 31 million this year and is forecast to reach 56 million in 2022.


Photo by Uriel Mont from Pexels

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