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3 Tech CEOs Transforming The Commercial Real Estate Industry

Technology innovation has changed industries. Look at Uber’s impact on the taxi industry to Amazon’s impact on the retail sector. In some ways, the commercial real estate industry has adopted technology adopter more slowly. Forbes examined three companies that are revolutionizing the commercial real estate industry through technology:

TapCap – A digital-driven nationwide multifamily lending company.

Reonomy – A commercial real estate data company.

Skyline AI – An artificial intelligence asset manager for commercial real estate.

“I think there will be two key trends. First, technology will add literal value to buildings. We’ll likely mainly see this within multifamily. Everything from IoT to property management software will improve the tenant experience, and therefore the value of those assets for property owners. Second, technology won’t replace commercial real estate professionals, but it will determine who is the most successful. Those who are first to adopt new technologies will naturally be a step ahead of slower movers.”


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