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Commercial Real Estate in the Age of the COVID-19 Virus

So what can the property industry do to immediately respond to COVID-19? The first thing that any property should do is educate its tenants. Whether the building is multifamily, offices, retail, or any other space, building tenants need to be aware of what steps they can take to prevent more people from getting sick.

In IREM’s webinar, they asked Steve Core the President of RiverRock Real Estate Group and Cindy Clare the Chief Operating Officer of Bell Partners, what their properties were doing to address COVID-19, and both of them stated that awareness and education were the very first steps in managing the situation. Mailers, emails, and posted notices should include information about what the disease is, how to prevent it, what the property is doing to be proactive, how they are monitoring the situation going forward, what tenants can expect as far as future updates, and further resources including links to information from the CDC and WHO.


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