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Here Are Four Accelerated Technology Trends Impacting The 2021 Commercial Real Estate Market

Four accelerated trends in CRE Tech:

Rise of digital twins.
The CRE industry creates and has a lot of data. D’Angelo says that by capturing and using data about the building itself as well as Internet of Things (IoT) data about how the building operates to make [..] operations more efficient, improve occupant (shopper, resident and patient) experiences and identify issues or potential issues.

Direct digital engagement.
Through direct digital engagement with the end-users of real estate, providing touchless services facilitates access, ensures a safe and healthy environment and automates traditional processes.

Data and analytics.
Data-driven decision making will continue to mature as demand and behavior patterns change rapidly, and CRE companies work to understand and respond to the opportunities and risks these changes present.

Robotic process automation.
Real estate has been notoriously slow in leveraging technology. “Robotic process automation (RP) is an example of the slow automation adoption in CRE. As we see CRE companies work to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, RPA will play a role in overall digital transformation efforts.”


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