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How Automation And Technology Can Benefit Your Real Estate Business

It’s no secret that automation and technology can help a business. But if you haven’t considered exactly how it can help — you just know that it can — you might be reluctant to make an investment and opt to do things old-school. At Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates, we’re all about applying the latest prop tech, research and marketing technologies to advance our clients’ business.

According to Neil A. Dolgin, co-president, “Top CRE firms are using technology to enhance their capabilities for developing, managing, selling, leasing and marketing commercial and industrial property. For example, CRE portals such as LoopNet, Reonomy, PropertyShark and many others have transformed the way we gather data on potential leads, thereby allowing us to better pinpoint properties for sale or for rent within specific neighborhoods. As somebody who also does appraisals, they enable me to do a cost analysis while giving me a better understanding of what the value of these properties could be. Additionally, a good number of these services list the names and phone numbers of the owners, which in turn, increases the personalization of the experience by eliminating much of the initial guesswork.”


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