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Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates Leases New 9,000 SF Brooklyn Space to NYC’s Oldest Whiskey Producer, Kings County Distillery

Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates (KDA) has negotiated a new, 9,000-square-foot lease for New York City’s oldest whiskey distillery, Kings County Distillery (KCD), at 173 Cook Street in Brooklyn. KCD already occupies 15,000 SF at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and will open a second location at the Yorkshire Properties, Inc.-owned 173 Cook Street. Neil Dolgin and Kalmon Dolgin, co-presidents of Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates, made the announcement. 

Jacques Wadler and Vincent Lopez of KDA represented the sub-tenant, Kings County Distillery, while Denham Wolf’s Lauren Davis and Stephen Powers represented Doe Fund, the property’s master tenant, which is a nonprofit that helps formerly homeless adults achieve independence. There was no landlord broker for the negotiation. 


The distillery, founded in 2009, was the first whiskey distillery located within the New York City borders since the Prohibition. KCD will store and distribute whiskey at the property, and hopes to continue its classes, tastings and events, which are open to the public at the Navy Yard location. 


“Many of these formerly industrial properties are ideal for renewed use as a brewery, whiskey distillery or other large-scale beverage production. 173 Cook Street’s central location and substantial square-footage is perfect for the Kings County Distillery as it grows its business,” said Neil Dolgin of KDA. “Additionally, the two locations are within 15 minutes of each other via Flushing Avenue, making for easy trips between the two properties.” 

Located between White Street and Bushwick Avenue, the one-story, 20,000 SF 173 Cook Street offers proximity to the J, L, and M subway lines and access to Flushing Avenue, Myrtle Avenue, Broadway, and the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. 

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