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Nelson Worldwide Shares Insights on Evolving Workplace Expectations

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed, and continues to change, the way we approach going to work and using office spaces. As we enter 2021, people are still largely uncertain about the prospect of returning to the office and resuming anything resembling a “normal” work experience.

This puts companies, who have large investments in office spaces, in a precarious position. By and large, they want what’s best for their employees, and they want to optimize their spaces to provide safety and peace of mind.

But what that looks like, and how companies should approach it, continues to be unclear.

To help clarify things, NELSON Worldwide set out to understand how individuals have responded to the sudden change in our work styles and work environments. The architecture, design, and strategy firm conducted a survey to determine the impact COVID-19 has had on work performance.


PHOTO: Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels

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