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What We Can Learn from Lewis and Clark

by Kalmon Dolgin

During breaks from business-related work and trying to maintain sanity, I have been reading the story of the Lewis and Clark expedition, Undaunted Courage.  I am struck by the similarities and lessons that we can learn from this venture which took place nearly 220 years ago, yet it remains relevant to the very situation that we now find ourselves in today.

Meriwether Lewis was under 30 years of age when chosen by President Thomas Jefferson to lead a small expedition west of the Mississippi to chart and record everything about the unknown territory and to find a water route to the Pacific.  Meriwether was the scion of a wealthy plantation owner, not well schooled but with a great yearning for adventure, exploration and the unknown.  Before embarking on his mission and teaming with his friend, Clark, he spent over a year acquiring the skills that would augment his natural talent and inquisitiveness learning everything about botany, navigation, geography, topography, ad infinitum.  On that trip, as well-prepared as he made himself and surrounded by a small but trusted troop, he nonetheless encountered events and danger that would have defeated almost every other person.  That he persevered and accomplished his mission and opened up the entire west to the United States is a story of success in the face of seemingly insurmountable danger.  Why did he succeed?  He trained himself to prepare for the unknown, used the experience of his background and that of his family history, met the unknown head on and never gave into despair but took each turn in the road as an opportunity to advance his knowledge and bring him closer to his goal!

We at Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates and KND Management like to feel that in these uncharted waters, that we, too, exhibit many of these characteristics and qualities: our lineage in this business goes deep …. 116 Years and 4 generations …. enabling us to draw upon lessons that our father learned from his father who learned from his father!  In other words:  We’ve seen it all.  Our family has been here through World War I, the Great Boom and then the Great Depression, World War II, technological innovation and space travel beyond anyone’s imagination.  We’ve seen the Brooklyn and Queens of old from trolleys and lofts to the wonderland of the present with magnificent high-rises and last-mile outposts.

Neil, Josh, Israel (Izzy) and Kalmon Dolgin at the company’s HQ office in Williamsburg, Brooklyn circa 2003

We’ve expanded into uncharted territories in multiple states planting our family flag in areas well beyond our roots while remaining ever-true to our origins which is emblazoned on each of our family members and staff:  honesty, integrity, knowledge and the ability to meet the present on its own terms and turn it to the advantage of all of our clients!  We’ve been there!  We are in the midst of a new chapter in the history of our country but it does have parallels in the past and it’s our aim to take you with us on this fantastic journey to not only survive the present but to conquer and expand your opportunities.  We have the insight, the hindsight and the foresight to be your guide, your mentor, your partner and your friend.

Grant, Josh, Neil and Kalmon Dolgin (2008)

These times may seem troubled but we are confident that prudent, skilled and selective investment and choices of expansion will present themselves and we want to be with you to guide you into that prosperous future.  We use every known skill, every tool, and our select staff of skilled real estate professionals stand ready to stand with you… so call us to speak about that future!  We are here and ready to serve!

Thank You … and we look forward to speaking in the near future.  Meanwhile, look for us here and on social media!

~Kalmon, Neil, Josh & Grant Dolgin and Staff

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