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Wholesale Furniture Biz is Woodside-Bound

Liform Imports, a company that sells metal and wooden furniture wholesale, is moving to Woodside at 58-25 52 Ave.


A deal to get the company a 18,350- square-foot lease for relocation from its Greenpoint location was made with Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates working on behalf of the building’s owner, RHK Associates LLC, and Liform Imports was represented by Harvest International.


According to KDA, the enterprise needed more space than its current home offers.

While the company plans on moving its current employees to the Woodside location, it is unclear if it will hire people in Queens after the move.


“It’s a little bit hard for us to tell right now because of the transition,” Liform Imports’ general manager, Wendy Sohn, told the Chronicle. “It’s such a major transition for us. Until the dust settles, we won’t really know.”


But, Sohn added, any company growth would require that it hire a larger workforce. “And our goal always is to grow the business,” she said.


As far as the move-in timeline goes, “They probably need about a month,” Vincenzo Amato of Harvest International, who represented Liform for the Woodside lease deal, said.


A company called B&S Fragrances previously used the building’s entire 25,600 square feet, according to KDA spokeswoman Lindsay Church.


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