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Who’s Who in Eric Adams Administration

Yes, New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams is thinking about “emotional intelligence” as he fills out his administration, but he’s also thinking about demographic representation. He said for months that he would appoint a woman to lead the New York City Police Department and he did, setting up Keechant Sewell to be the first female commissioner to lead the country’s largest police force. The man who narrowly defeated two women in the Democratic primary also announced that five of his deputy mayors will be women – four of them women of color. And the leader of the city Department of Correction will be a Latino man, Louis Molina, overseeing a majority Black and brown workforce overseeing jails where the majority of people incarcerated are also people of color.

Appointing leaders at the top level may take Adams some time. Outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio was appointing commissioners well into April, when he took over in 2014 – though he was criticized at the time. Here’s who will be in the Adams administration so far. This list is updated as of Dec. 23.

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