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Where is Commercial Real Estate Headed?

by Neil A. Dolgin Welcome to 2023 and the questions that are on everyone’s mind:  Will we have recession? Will it hit hard? Will there be a soft landing? Economists expect economic growth to slow this year, and we will narrowly avoid a recession. Wherever I turn, however, everyone has their own point of view. … Read more »

New York City Comptroller Brad Lander Releases Annual Report on the State of the City’s Economy and Finances

New York City Comptroller Brad Lander released the annual “State of the City’s Economy and Finances” report. This report provides an analysis of the City’s fiscal health and position ahead of the annual budget process, which begins early in the new year. Despite higher-than-usual uncertainty, major indicators including strong job growth point toward continued economic… Read more »

Is the Economy Headed in the Right Direction?

Is the Economy Headed in the Right Direction?  by Neil A. Dolgin I’ve always been of the mindset that for any business, an economic downturn is an opportunity for innovation and transformation rather than a barrier to progress. While it’s hard to be certain where we’re headed in today’s economy, there is some good news… Read more »

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